History of Custom Sheet Masks

Seoul Mamas Custom Sheet Masks

We’re proud to be a part of a beauty revolution here at Seoul Mamas. Korean beauty is taking the western world by storm, even though our type of beauty secrets have been around for centuries. Today’s blog from Seoul Mamas explores the rich history of custom sheet masks.

Asian Origins

The origins of custom sheet masks are debated, but ancient Korea wins this title. Koreans used cloth dipped in homemade serums to banish the signs of aging. This practice spread to China and Japan, where people in those countries learned the secrets of K-beauty.

European Innovators

Europe eventually took notice. Parisian women wrapped their faces with slices of beef to avoid wrinkles and fine lines. That was in 1857. Eventually, the French replaced meat with cloth masks infused with moisturizers, vitamins, and oils similar to what you see in today’s custom sheet masks. 


By 2010, custom sheet masks were all over Asia. It’s not just a fad. Women in South Korea, Japan, and China made sheet masks a daily ritual. American consumers took notice in 2013. Sales of sheet masks grew 60% from 2013 to 2014. Customers realized they needed fantastic beauty products that deliver immediate results without a lot of effort for today’s fast-paced society. 
Celebrities took to social media to tout their benefits and large companies invested in a K-beauty regimen that’s been around for hundreds of years. Sheet masks continue to grow in popularity, and Seoul Mamas is proud to offer some of the finest in the world.

On-the-Go Korean Beauty by Seoul Mamas

Custom sheet masks deliver the right nutrients to your skin in as little as 10 to 15 minutes. Your skin feels softer after just one use! Try our custom sheet masks for your skin to see what we mean. Contact Seoul Mamas for more details about our world-class Korean beauty products.