How to Start a Private-Label Skin Care Line for Your Company

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Private-label skin care can be a profitable addition to any medical spa, beauty supply store, or other health and wellness provider.

If your brand is considering partnering with Seoul Mamas for private-label Korean beauty sheet masks or other OEM skincare products, read on to find out how our process works.

What Is Private Label Skin Care?

A private-label skin care product is a product that is made under your brand or business name but is created specifically for you by a third-party manufacturer. If you have a wellness spa, you can carry your brand of skin creams, lotions, serums, face masks, and more alongside other popular brand names.

But since this line of skin care is designed by you, you have full control of the ingredients used. 

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How Is Private Label Skin Care Profitable?

Ordering private label products is a more affordable way to get high-quality skincare products than a contract cosmetic company. You can usually order in smaller quantities if needed, and the turnaround time for receiving products is much shorter. 

The products you receive are of professional quality, labeled under your brand name. You can sell them alongside popular name-brand products for a cheaper price, and since you purchase the private label for such a low price, you get a great return on investment (ROI). When you purchase well-known brand-name products, even in bulk, you still pay quite a bit to carry them in your store, so the profit you make on them is much smaller.

How to Start a Skin Care Line for Your Business

To start your skincare line, you need to choose the right wholesaler who meets your needs and has the types of products available that you are looking for. After contacting the wholesaler, they will work with you to select the private label products you want to carry under your brand, packaging design, ingredients used for the products, and order quantities.

At Seoul Mamas, we are a U.S.-based company headquartered in St. Louis, MO, with partners in Seoul, South Korea. Our Korean-based partners help us create authentic Korean skincare products using only the best ingredients for our product lines. Contact us, and we can walk you through creating your brand’s own private-label skincare line.

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Partner With Seoul Mamas

Contact Seoul Mamas for more information about our private-label sheet masks and other K-beauty products. We can custom-make any formula and personalize the packaging to your brand.