Meet Our Korean Beauty Secret Ingredient

Last week, we took our kids to Florida for Spring Break. Even though it was a bit chilly, we still enjoyed the beach. Watching the blue waves roll in relaxes me…even with four kiddos. A lot.
One of my favorite experiences was date lunches with my hubby. We tried a newly opened restaurant, Amici Italian Kitchen. Each time we ate there (three days in a row), we sat at the chef table overlooking the prep area. I love to watch and talk with the chefs. It felt like a family atmosphere. Like we were guests in their kitchen. The executive chef is from Laos, while the sous chef was from my home state of Oklahoma.
The NY style pizza was fantastic, but I fell in love with their Italian chopped salad. Of course, I asked for recipe for the dressing and what asked they put in the salad. There was something about this one that I loved. There was an ingredient that I couldn’t place. It turns out that their secret ingredient was fresh fennel. I didn’t know I loved fennel, but I do now!
I’d like to think that Seoul Mamas is similar to Amici. We both have a secret ingredient, and have a team from different parts of the world to create a fantastic product. One of the secret ingredients we have at Seoul Mama’s is Yuny. We met Yuny in Seoul last summer when we adopting our fourth child. As a volunteer with our adoption agency, she was our families tour guide and Korean expert who speaks fluent English. She was a great resource for our family.
Over dinner, on our final trip to Korea to finalize our adoption, I discussed my love for sheet masks. By the time we landed with our son in St Louis, she had already set up a meeting with a manufacturer. This is how Seoul Mama’s began….over dinner and a mutual love of K-Beauty.
Yuny has lived in the US and Shanghi but lives full-time in Korea. She is a member of World Miss Korea University in Korea. This is an International beauty contest held annually in Korea. I’m proud to work with her as a founding partner at Seoul Mamas. Basically, she is awesome. As we were launching Seoul Mamas, Yuny actively collaborated with scientists in our manufacturers’ R&D department to create our Seoul Mamas Revitalizing Mask. She is our secret ingredient!