Private Label Cosmetics FAQs

private label cosmetics from Seoul Mamas

Seoul Mamas wants you to be your most beautiful you. We tap into the best K-beauty secrets and products to deliver private label cosmetics to your company.
Today’s blog from Seoul Mamas answers frequently asked questions about private label cosmetics.

What is private labeling in cosmetics?

Private label cosmetics are specially designed and formulated by a manufacturer, and they are sold under your brand name. For example, you partner with a company that manufactures all kinds of skincare products. The manufacturer will produce these cosmetics to your requirements and then put your brand name, logo, brand colors, and more on the label. 

Are private label cosmetics profitable?

Yes, when done properly versus wholesaling. The reason is that it’s easier to keep costs down. When you sell retail by purchasing wholesale, you have no control over what the wholesaler sets as prices. 
Private label cosmetics give you options for changing ingredients and supplies. Selling your own brand gives you a chance to streamline the processes of manufacturing and distributing your own brand’s products. When you sell someone else’s product, every step of the supply chain needs some compensation from distributors and regional wholesalers. When there are disruptions in the supply chain, it affects your business.
The cost of manufacturing a store brand might be 40 to 50 percent less than selling name brands, and you could see profit margins of up to 40 percent with private label cosmetics.

What control do I have over my private label cosmetics?

The beauty of private label cosmetics is that you maintain full control over your product line. You can control the color, size, brand, branding messages, packaging, and ingredients of your items. 

What do I get from Seoul Mamas for private label cosmetics?

Seoul Mamas takes care of you from Day One when you sign up for our private label program.
We want your customers to have a top-notch experience with your brand, and our staff helps you every step of the way.
Our team helps you with:

  • Consultation
  • Custom design
  • Korean compliance
  • Manufacturing
  • Importing and logistics

What minimum order quantities (MOQ) do I need for private label cosmetics?

It depends on the cosmetics you want to purchase.
For Seoul Mamas’ private label beauty face masks, we require a minimum order quantity of 20,000 for fully personalized designs. For smaller quantities, we can create semi-custom private labels starting at an MOQ of 500.

Who can supply my company with private label cosmetics?

Contact Seoul Mamas for more information about how your company can benefit from offering private label cosmetics to your clients, whether you’re a salon, hotel, or day spa.