Self care isn’t selfish

In 2017, I spent a lot on the road. My parents downsized from their home of fifty years to move 135 miles to the City, Oklahoma City that is. They wanted to be closer to my sister, their doctors, and didn’t want big home to take care of. But mainly, my dad had leukemia that he was going to start chemo. Last year, I traveled multiple times to help my parents.
During this time, a wise and sweet friend encouraged me to take care of myself, to make it priority. I appreciated her kind advice but it felt foreign to me. It almost sounded selfish, indulgent…how could I take time for me? A sick Dad, four kids (with 2 year old that we just adopted), two businesses, husband, home to manage, and of course Max (little yorkie who is the easiest of the bunch!). It was hard to find time just to exercise! My only exercise goal was just to show up.  
We’ve heard a lot about self care lately. We’ve heard that “self-care is the new health care.” I had to mentally wrestle about self care. Is self-care… selfish? Even though, I knew being healthy is not an accident. I tell my kids regularly that eating healthy is hard work. It’s much easier and cheaper to eat UN-healthy food! To decide to eat healthy, it takes menu planning, grocery shopping, prepping, and cooking!
I soon realized that I can’t GIVE what I don’t have. I can’t take care of my family if I am sick and I sure don’t do a good job when I am exhausted and don’t feel good. I had to see the difference between a TREAT versus SELF-CARE. On Friday nights, we love having pizza and movie night at our home. It was an epiphany that an extra slice of pizza is NOT self- care.
In 2018, I have new and different goals. And, I have put myself on the calendar as a priority. My dad taught me many things about faith, family, generosity, hard work, and business.

I still miss my Dad but am thankful of all he taught me.  Lastly, he taught me that life is precious. Remember that you are a treasured possession so treat yourself that way.