Seoul Mamas: How To Properly Use A Face Mask

Korean Sheet Masks are rising in popularity and for a good reason. They deliver a helping of nutrients for your skin that you don’t get with other forms of skincare. One of the reasons for this is that the masks trap the nutrients against your face, allowing them to absorb fully instead of evaporating. However, you won’t reap the full benefits of the mask if you aren’t following the correct procedures. Read below to find out exactly how you should be using your face mask!

Start with a Clean Slate

Always wash your face before applying a sheet mask! For the sheet mask to do its work, you’ll need to make sure to cleanse and tone your face beforehand. Even better, take time to very gently exfoliate your face to get rid of dirt and dead skin so your skin can truly absorb all the nutrients.

Take the Time to Put it on Right

Make sure that you take the time to apply the mask to your face properly. Ensure the mask is completely adhering to your face, or it won’t work. Smooth the mask down until it fits your face correctly.

Keep an Eye on the Time

It’s important to only keep the mask on for as long as the instructions recommend. Any shorter or longer and you won’t receive the full benefits.

Don’t Let Anything Go to Waste

There will be excess serum at the bottom of the packaging. Don’t throw this out! Pour it out and use it on your neck, chest and hands. This nutritive serum will do wonders for your skin!

Don’t Wash Off That Excess Serum

Speaking of excess serum, make sure not to wash off the excess serum on your face after you remove the mask! Instead, rub the excess in with your fingertips so that you’re not missing out on anything that the sheet mask has to offer!

Remember to Moisturize

Once you’re done rubbing the excess serum into your face, don’t forget to seal it all in with a little bit of moisturizer. Your skin will feel transformed! Make sure to always choose the right type of moisturizer for your skin.

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