The History of K-Beauty

K-Beauty sheet masks

Korea has become a major player in the game of beauty products. With an industry worth over $13.1 billion in sales across the globe, they have penetrated a variety of cultures. These practices are not recent, however. Korean Beauty, more commonly known as K-Beauty, has influenced many other skin care lines, makeup products, and skin treatments.
One of the many things that set K-Beauty apart from traditional skin treatments is the overall experience. But how did this industry get to where it is now? In today’s blog, Seoul Mamas gives a brief history of K-Beauty.

Three Kingdoms of Korea

The early history of makeup and cosmetics can be dated back to the Ancient Chosun Era, where they used the products to color their face, showing their social class. Social class was a significant factor in Korean culture, so wearing cosmetics was viewed as prosperous. This cultural influence extended into the three kingdoms of Korea, beginning the K-Beauty trend.

1. Goguryeo

The Goguryeo people quickly became obsessed with K-Beauty products to alter their appearance. However, this idea of cosmetics was not the traditional usage. Social class was not depicted solely based on makeup because it was a trend set throughout the Goguryeo Kingdom.

2. Baekje

The Baekje kingdom started a more technologically advanced method of producing K-Beauty products. The Japanese later took these techniques to create their own products. So in the realm of cosmetics and beauty products, a lot is thanks to the Baekje people!

3. Silla

One of the major differences between Silla and the two other kingdoms was the Silla people believed that makeup not only beautified your body but also beautified your soul. The more makeup you were wearing, the purer you were viewed by the rest of the Silla people.

Modern K-Beauty

While K-Beauty has been popular for centuries, in recent years, it has been counted in the top 10 markets worldwide. K-Beauty has transitioned from makeup products to facial cleansers, moisturizers, and full skin care routines. These K-Beauty lines are designed to create a luxurious and complete experience. Usually, these routines consist of 10 steps to achieve a healthy and clean complexion.
Modern K-Beauty generally uses all-natural and healthy ingredients that are appropriate for all skin types, even sensitive skin! They are used to create smooth skin that can retain a clear complexion. 

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