The Mathematics Of Beauty

Our bathroom tile matches the color of my hair. It’s not for asthetic reasons, it’s because I shed hair like a dog! I have a fear of being bald or at least having really thin hair (think Golum from Lord of the Rings). I probably have a third less hair than a year ago. It could be from stress, hormonal imbalance, weight loss..and stress from thinking. Yes… I think a lot.
Last week, I got a cut and color. After my hair cut, my hair felt and looked fuller. Ironically, less hair actually makes my hair appear and feel fuller and thicker! It’s the opposite of what you think – less felt more.
During the first week of January, my husband and I traveled to Guatemala with our oldest son (this is where he was born). We teamed with a group for a Back to School mission trip, serving over 400 children. This is a trip my husband and I have taken with Buckner International since 2010. Buckner is an amazing organization dedicated to supporting families, orphans and children at risk. We gave them school supplies and new shoes. We taught hygiene classes, where the kids received basic necessities that included Smile Squared® toothbrushes. This is my husband’s company– when you buy a toothbrush, we give one to a child in need. Yes, this is a little commercial for him. 🙂
Guatemala is a beautiful country that borders oceans, has lush mountains, symmetrical volcanos, and wonderful coffee! We flew into Guatemala City and worked with children in two communities, then traveled to Antigua to serve more children.  Antigua is an eclectic and historical city full of wandering travelers, warm smiles and vibrant colors. Our group stayed at a working coffee plantation, Finca Filadelfia. I highly recommend it! On our free day, we went zip lining, mule riding, shopping at the market, and even a spa treatment for me and a few friends at Santa Domingo. Amazing.
This trip was not about us just sightseeing. It was a trip to serve and give. This was my 5th trip to Guatemala, but the first time with our son since adopting him years ago.  I love to travel. But when you share those experiences through the eyes’ of someone you love… the beauty around you multiplies.  Beauty is exponential.
Flying back home to the States, our bags were LIGHTER but our hearts were FULLER. This is a rare place where there is addition through subtraction.