3 Relevant Ways to Market Your Private Label Sheet Masks in 2022

Seoul Mamas wants your personal care service company to succeed, whether you own a salon, day spa, or beauty store. 

Sheet masks add value, creating brand awareness and loyalty, when your logo and design are on the packaging of a high-quality skincare product.

Today, our team explains three relevant ways to market your private label sheet masks in 2022.

To Say Thank You to Customers

You value your customers, particularly the loyal ones who come back to your brand time and again.

Reward the people who make your business operation possible with a private label sheet mask as a way to say, “Thank you for your purchase.”

Utilize this tactic for a special customer appreciation time, as part of your loyalty/rewards system, or as an add-on for large orders. 

When you add value like this, customers notice and they come back to your brand.

On Social Media

By social media, we mean Facebook and TikTok. Both of these influential social media outlets thrive on short videos to make an instant impression in less than 60 seconds. 

And they’re huge in 2022.

Consider having a quick demo of your private label sheet mask through your brand’s TikTok or Facebook feed. Think about having a social media contest where one random customer receives a prize after showcasing your sheet mask on their social media account.

Facebook and TikTok both offer ways to connect with your customers, and your customers can connect with their audiences using these channels.

As a Monkey’s Paw for Larger Products or Services

Have you heard of a monkey’s paw? 

It’s a fist-sized knot used on naval ships as they get ready to dock. 

A sailor on the ship throws the monkey’s paw, which is attached to a long rope, to someone on the dock. That person retrieves it, and then uses that rope to haul in the far, far larger rope that keeps the ship next to the dock.

In much the same way, you can use a private label sheet mask to toss a customer something that might entice them to purchase a larger item. 

Encourage your customer to use the sheet mask and see how they feel. On the packaging of the sheet mask, include a message about upgrading to a full facial at your spa or offering a discount for an entire bottle of face cream.

You could even print a coupon on the back of the sheet mask’s packaging!

This is a win-win because your potential customer has a positive experience with your brand, and it has the potential to pay off with a larger order.

Who can help me order private label sheet masks?

Contact Seoul Mamas for more information about our private label sheet masks. We can custom-make any formula, including ones with moisture-rich ingredients and any sheet mask material you choose.