Benefits of Private Label Face Masks

woman peeling off a sheet mask and smiling

Private label products have many benefits to both the manufacturer and the retailer. At Seoul Mamas, our private label face masks offer a flexible, and completely customizable, option that will satisfy your customers. Whether you are shopping for your hotel, spa, or dermatology practice, these face masks will be a perfect product. Today, Seoul Mamas gives a few of the benefits that come with private label face masks.


When purchasing these face masks, you have the opportunity to make them completely customized. The variety of solutions will give a new feeling you can’t find with a traditional face mask. Depending on how you customize them, you can focus on a specific audience. For example, Seoul Mamas can use wholly organic and natural ingredients for customers with sensitive skin!

Natural Ingredients

Many different ingredients are used in creating a natural face mask. Some of the most popular organic ingredients are green tea extract, retinol, and even gold flakes. Depending on what facial sensation you are trying to achieve with your private label face masks, Seoul Mamas can help you.

Purchase in Bulk

When ordering custom manufactured private label face masks, order quantities start at 10,000 sheet mask. By ordering in bulk, you get the benefits of restocking ease and simplistic packaging. If you are ordering these for your hotel, or other high traffic business, this can also help save you time and money. At Seoul Mamas, another option is to buy semi-custom private label face masks, which start at only 1,000 sheet masks per order.

Building Your Brand

If you are considering a new product for your business, and don’t have the resources to be a prime manufacturer, one of your best options is private label products. These products allow you to customize your order to your specifications, putting your brand name on the final result. At Seoul Mamas, our private label face masks are trusted in many esteemed businesses, making it easier to build a brand image without having to worry about the quality of the product itself.

Purchase Private Label Face Masks from Seoul Mamas Today

Seoul Mamas wants to be a resource for your business, using our products to help you grow. These natural face masks are used to provide antioxidants, add moisture, and reduce wear on your skin. If you are a business in need of a new product for your company, check out our private label opportunities. Visit our website or contact us today to find out more!