Do DIY Face Masks Work?

woman relaxing while someone puts a mask on her face

Skincare is going to look different for each person depending on their skin type. These face masks are usually made with all natural products, which makes your skin glow while also treating both oily and dry skin. However, with so many options for DIY face masks, how are you to be sure which works with your skin, let alone work at all? There are hundreds of recipes online that claim to be the best, so choosing the correct one is important. In today’s blog, Seoul Mamas shows us if popular DIY face masks actually benefit your skin.

Essential Ingredients

There are a few products you can find in most face masks. Natural ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado, and honey are just some of the essential elements to making a successful face mask. Depending on your skin type, you will want to seek out different ingredients. For oily skin, look for ingredients such as lemon, honey, and egg whites. If you suffer from dry skin, seek out avocado, coconut, and egg yolks!

Most Popular DIY Face Masks

When researching different types of face masks, you will see the most recipes will be for avocado face masks and charcoal face masks. These two styles of skin care are used for different reasons, getting different results. One thing to consider before mixing up the recipe for your DIY face mask is the quality of your ingredients because they will be a contributing factor to seeing results.

DIY Avocado Face Mask

Avocado face masks are used for an anti-aging effect, giving the skin brighter and more even complexion. Typically used for dry skin, this face mask goes hand-in-hand with honey to provide much-needed moisture. As you start to make your own DIY avocado face mask, make sure to grab fresh avocados! You are much more likely to see results the fresher these products are because of the natural qualities. An avocado face mask will benefit your skin because of these pure ingredients.

DIY Charcoal Face Mask

Charcoal masks have become very popular in recent years due to internet trends. Previously only used in medical practice, it serves a similar purpose of absorbing unwanted toxins from your pores. When crafting a DIY charcoal face mask, make sure to mix the correct amounts of each piece of the recipe. Mixing too much charcoal can sometimes irritate the skin more than it can help. However, DIY charcoal masks can be very beneficial when appropriately mixed. Stick to the recipe!

High-Quality Face Masks at Seoul Mamas

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