How Our Private Label Sheet Masks Add Value to Your Brand

Pipette filled with hyaluronic acid leaning on makeup bottle

Seoul Mamas specializes in elevating your brand with private label K-beauty products such as sheet masks that invigorate and revitalize your skin. In today’s blog, we talk about how our private label sheet masks add value to your brand.

Set Your Brand Apart

Have your clients or customers even heard of sheet masks before? Our private label sheet masks set your brand apart from the competition, whether you’re a day spa, hotel, beauty supply store, salon, or resort. We can help you get an edge on the competition because people who want great skin care will notice a detail such as this. We’ll even help you with marketing efforts.

Create Memorable Details

Imagine someone checking into your hotel or resort, and they notice some amenities sitting off to the side or on the bed. You have a display of three private label sheet masks with your company’s name and logo. One sheet mask revitalizes your skin after a long day, another softens skin for a romantic evening, while a third strengthens your skin from the rigors of spending a lot of time in the sun. 
Your customers will notice these small details. They’ll leave reviews, too. What happens when a travel expert stops by your hotel, resort, or spa? They’ll write about the extra touches that set your brand apart.

Add to Your Menu of Products

Adding some menu items to your list of products shouldn’t be hard. Seoul Mama’s private label sheet masks make it easy to do so. Our staff can formulate sheet masks to your requirements and ship them to you in a timely manner. You call the shots. You set the price points.

What You Get From Seoul Mamas

We have three levels of products and services at Seoul Mamas
Level 1: Semi-Custom Private Label Sheet Mask

  • Your branding on the outside, luxury sheet mask inside
  • Custom-printed outer jacket
  • Shrinkwrap or adhesive closure
  • Quick turnaround

Level 2: Private Label

  • Choice of standard formula options
  • Customized packaging
  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 10,000 for sheet masks
  • Products include sheet masks, serums, fragrances, cleansers, and more

Level 3: Custom Packaging & Formulation

  • Custom branded packaging
  • Custom selected ingredients for private label sheet masks and K-beauty products
  • MOQ depends on the product
  • Products range from sheet masks and serums to fragrances and cleansers, plus more.

Seoul Mamas offers 100% customized solutions for your clients’ needs. Our team provides custom design, consultations, Korean compliance, manufacturing, and logistics for importing. 

Private Label Sheet Masks by Seoul Mamas

Seoul Mamas creates private-label, custom sheet masks for brands and customers who want to set themselves apart from the competition. We put the best Korean beauty ingredients in all of our products. Contact Seoul Mamas for more information about our sheet masks and how they improve your skin.