Seoul Mamas Answers: Tattoos Are Cool, But Are They Safe?

Seoul Mamas cares about your skin. Healthy, vibrant skin is an important part of your general health and wellness. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, or you already have one, it’s important to know how to keep your skin as healthy as possible.
Protecting your skin’s health is why we manufacture the highest-quality skincare products for you and your customers. Today’s blog from Seoul Mamas discusses the risks and remedies of inking. 

Are Tattoos Safe? 

For centuries, humans have used tattooing as a way to identify their tribe, highlight spiritual or religious beliefs, tell a story, or describe heartbreak and triumphs. Today, ink has become an acceptable form of self-expression for people of all walks of life, all around the world. 
But is it safe? 
There are multiple risk factors to consider where inking is concerned. Some could cause minor discomfort that clears up in a few days. Others could cause irreparable damage. 

Cancer and Other Diseases

You probably know that using sunscreen is a great way to avoid skin cancer. You may not, however, realize that your tattoos may be exposing you to the same cancer risk. The black ink used in many tattoos contains very high levels of benzo(a)pyrene — a carcinogen identified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). The more black ink on the skin, the greater the risk of cancer.
Early detection of skin cancer often occurs when the patient notices discoloration or other skin abnormalities. If these are covered by a tattoo, the cancer may go unnoticed for longer periods of time, resulting in a later-stage cancer diagnosis.
While the type of tattoo you choose is important, the tattoo artist, their tools, and their facility are also factors to consider. Dirty needles or a non-sterile environment can expose you to infections and diseases like hepatitis. We recommend visiting the shop on more than one occasion, paying close attention to hygiene, and confirming that employees are wearing gloves while using new needles for each tattoo. 

Allergic Reactions 

Red, green, yellow and blue dye have been shown to cause more allergic reactions than other colors. Anytime a harsh tool or surface comes in contact with the skin, redness, swelling and infection are possible. If this happens, consult a physician.
Vitamin K promotes skin healing. At Seoul Mamas, we use six different vitamins in our skincare formulas.
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The Death of Good Skin

Your body has built-in protection mechanisms to keep you safe. When a foreign element is introduced, the body will attack. This is true for your skin, too. Immune system cells called macrophages will attempt to eat the ink to protect the skin. When those cells begin to die, they will pass on the ink to their replacements, continuing the death of new cells.  This damage can make your skin appear older than it is. 
Keeping the newly inked skin free of dirt and debris is a good practice. Keeping it hydrated will help cell growth and vibrancy.  

Show Off & Shine

If you’re still intent on getting that tattoo, we recommend supplementing with a great skincare routine. This will lead to healthy, glowing skin, and it will keep that ink looking as bright as the day you got it. Seoul Mamas can help with your daily beauty routine.
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