Korean Beauty Sheet Mask FAQ

Hands holding a sheet mask surrounded by natural ingrediants

Sheet masks are popping up everywhere. You’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. We can promise you they live up to all the hype! Check out these frequently asked questions.

What’s the big deal about sheet masks?

Sheet masks originated in South Korea. They are a simple, easy and effective way to hydrate your skin. Masks are soaked in a serum that’s packed with beneficial ingredients. The mask force feeds your skin beneficial ingredients and keeps them from absorbing too quickly. Using a mask is like a “facial at home” that’s much more convenient and less expensive than a spa.

When is the best time to mask?

We recommend masking at night before bed. This way, the ingredients can really soak in while you’re sleeping. You can also get ready for the next day while masking – we love to mask and multitask!

Can I mask in the morning?

You can mask in the morning! Just be sure to pat in all the extra serum so that you don’t look shiny the rest of the day.

Can I wear makeup after using a mask?

Yes! We would recommend really patting the serum in and waiting a little while before applying powders or foundations.

How frequently should I mask?

Masking one to two times a week will make your skin look and feel fabulous. Sometimes, we’ll mask more frequently or two days in a row if our skin is extra dry. You might find you want to mask more often if you live in a dry area or travel frequently.

What if I have sensitive skin?

Our masks are made for all skin types. We’ve heard from lots of users that they have sensitive skin but have had no problems using our mask. We use lots of natural and nourishing ingredients in our masks.

Why does my skin feel sticky?

We use hyaluronic acid in our masks, which is why you may notice a slightly tacky or sticky feeling after masking. It helps keep the moisture in your skin, which extends the benefits of your mask. Pat the residual serum into your skin to enjoy a glow!

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