Private Label Sheet Mask Production

Here’s a peek into mask production from Seoul Mamas! Because we have a team in Seoul as well as in the U.S., we are able to do on-site visits to make sure the masks are produced to our exacting standards. Our team in Seoul is crucial to our private label process.

Here one of our team members is checking the packaging for our private label mask with the W Hotel. Originally, they wanted matte packaging, but after testing a sample, our team determined the packaging would scratch too easily. Because we had a team member on-site, we were able to recommend a change that would guarantee quality.

Check out the bustling factory! Our manufacturing capability in Seoul allows us to work with brands who want to create their own products to enhance their brand. We love to talk to our clients and learn what products they want to create, including the ingredients, and then our custom manufacturing process produces samples for client approval.
Creating a custom mask is so exciting for us and for our clients. Our resources in Korea help our clients turn their dreams into a reality. Custom serums and packaging set you above the rest. We’d love to work with you to create your dream mask! Find out more about our private label process here.