What Industries Benefit From Carrying Private Label Korean Skincare?

Woman relaxing with sheet mask at medical spa

At Seoul Mamas, a U.S.-based company with partners in Seoul, South Korea, we partner with businesses from a number of different industries to create private-label Korean skincare options for them to carry. These OEM skincare products include sheet masks, under-eye patches, serums, and more. 

So what industries and businesses can benefit from partnering with us? While this list is not all-inclusive, here are some of the most common industries we work with.

Health Spas

Spas usually offer relaxation services like massages as well as beauty and skin treatments, like face peels or masks. No matter the type of health spa you own or the main focus of your services, you can benefit from carrying private-label skincare products like sheet masks or under-eye masks.

These products promote relaxation and healthy skin, so they are the perfect complement to your services. You can include them with services available for purchase or as easy add-ons. Having a line of products exclusive to your clinic’s brand can help legitimize your business and spread brand awareness.

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Beauty Supply Stores

If you sell beauty and skincare supplies, you likely carry name-brand items that are not only more expensive for customers but expensive for you to have on your shelves. Having your own private-label Korean skincare products is cheaper for you to purchase initially and more affordable for your customers. Because it’s not as expensive as the name brands to carry, your profit margins will be higher.


If your salon is looking for a way to promote pampering services or just provide extra luxury for your customers, consider carrying private-label K-beauty products. Your customers will love relaxing with a sheet mask or under-eye patches while they get their hair colored or nails done. It can help your salon stand out that it goes the extra mile with beauty treatments.


Both large hotel chains, and bed and breakfasts are becoming more selective in the complimentary products they offer their guests. Many are switching from low-quality generic travel soaps, shampoos, and lotions to more personalized options. Offering your guests private-label Korean sheets masks, under-eye masks, lotions, serums, and more can create a more inviting experience and add that extra bit of care for your customers.

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Health Clinics

Skin and dermatology clinics, in particular, can benefit from carrying high-quality Korean beauty products for patients. At Seoul Mamas, we use all-natural ingredients you choose yourself, so you know exactly what is in each lotion and serum you offer.

Private-Label Korean Beauty From Seoul Mamas

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