Private label sheet masks from Seoul Mamas

Our Process for Partnering With Seoul Mamas

Seoul Mamas is a premier manufacturer of private-label and white-label Korean beauty and skincare products. We partner with both major brands, and aspiring beauty entrepreneurs, to create authentic K-Beauty products for their product lines. One of our most noteworthy collaborations is with Oscar Mayer to create their Oscar Mayer Bologna Sheet Mask. Seoul Mamas has …

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acne and treatments

Blackhead FAQs

Any type of facial blemish is frustrating, especially when we work hard to keep our skin clear and hydrated. One of the more annoying problems we encounter is blackheads. But what exactly are blackheads and what causes them? Seoul Mamas can explain why these annoying blemishes pop up and what you can do about it. …

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3 Relevant Ways to Market Your Private Label Sheet Masks in 2022

Seoul Mamas wants your personal care service company to succeed, whether you own a salon, day spa, or beauty store.  Sheet masks add value, creating brand awareness and loyalty, when your logo and design are on the packaging of a high-quality skincare product. Today, our team explains three relevant ways to market your private label sheet masks in …

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K-Beauty FAQs

Seoul Mamas promises to use only the best ingredients for our private-label face masks. We base our products on traditional and modern K-beauty concepts, so you and your customers can look and feel their best.  Today’s blog from Seoul Mamas answers frequently asked questions about K-Beauty. What is K-beauty? K-Beauty comes from traditional women’s beauty practices in South …

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